An OS X application that displays slideshows of the user's pictures on the desktop.

Written in Objective-C, utilizes CoreAnimation.

Date: February 2014

Objective-C CoreAnimation Mac OS X

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From Concept to Code

Responsible for the conceptualization, design and coding.

Driven by a love for photography, and a desire to make photo libraries more than a digital "shoebox" we never look at again.

Developed for the App Store

The best way to discover new apps and best way for a developer to reach new people is the App Store.

Designing for the App Store means fully sandboxing the application, which can provide peace of mind to the customer. But that can also limited flexibility. Future image sources, like iPhoto or Instagram, must be built within the confines of the security model.

However, it also provides a path to future expansion and revenue through In-App Purchases. Making available paid features like new borders or image sources will fund development.

Retina Enabled

Built from the ground up for both normal and high resolution displays.

Not Just Beauty, Brains Too!

Drawing and animations are handled by CoreAnimation. This leads a minimal impact on both battery and CPU performance.

Support for Multiple Monitors

Each monitor maintains its own set preferences. Displays can be added and removed on the fly, to emulate the familiar way that desktop backgrounds work.