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aGENDA is SaaS application that provides task management, personnel tracking, & reporting to fleets in a range of industries.

Written in PHP & JavaScript

Date: 2013

PHP JavaScript HTML CSS Git JIRA Kanban

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Ground Up Rebuild

Responsible for building a modern, dynamic web application.

Partnered with customers and sales staff to understand what was working in the existing sytem and what was not.

Feature Development

Revitalized an aging product by implementing new features which increased the customer's productivity and engagement.

Front to Back

Refactored proprietary business logic into a new more efficient backend.

Implemented Stripe for secure and simple billing of clients.

A Modern Process

Implemented industry standard development processes such as versioned source control using Git, bug tracking & project management using JIRA, planning and oversight with a Kanban by Trello.

A New, More Focused Direction

Working with company stakeholders and customers, we were able to identify friction points which dramatically slowed our forward progress.

We were able to sunset legacy products with no potential market growth, while still providing those customers with a proper long-term solution with a 3rd party.