aGENDA Mobile


aGENDA Mobile provides an fleet employees with task list and route to work from.

It also allows employers to prioritize the employee's day on the fly, in the real time. Adjusting to the needs of the business as they arise.

Written in HTML & JavaScript using the Cordova framework.

Date: 2014

PHP JavaScript HTML CSS Git JIRA Kanban

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Build Once, Run Everywhere

By utilizing the Cordova framework, I was able to build the brand new, far more stable mobile client that existing Android customer's were asking for; while at the same time opening the door to a set of customers running the iOS platform.

Everything in One Place

In the legacy version of aGENDA, proof of service photos had to be emailed to a dispatcher or manager. And the client had to maintain all of those photos on their own computers.

Utilizing the ever decreasing cost of cloud services, such as Amazon S3, we are now able to save every photo for the customer. Photos can now be accessed not only by one, but any of the managers. And even sent to their external customers, paired with all of the other information about the task for a concise overview of a job well done.